Employment Application Form

Instructions:Please complete ALL sections below using dark ink and return to the Human Resources office.
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A. Applicant Information

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Have you ever been convicted of a crime?
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B. Educational Background and Language Skills

Please include all your high-school/secondary, undergraduate and post-graduate certificates, degrees, and qualifications
  Degree Major / Emphasis Institution earned from Year earned
Post-Graduate Degrees
Undergraduate degrees, certificates and programs
High School / Secondary certificate
Other certificates and programs (Diploma Programs, Continuing Education Programs...)
*REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION: Official grade transcripts and authentic copies of the earned degrees and school certificates should be certified by the Ministry of Education and submitted with your application. Letter of enrollment for any current undergraduate or master’s programs should be submitted.

Language Skills

Applicant's primary / mother's tongue language:
Applicant's Second Language (list all)
The applicant: (check all that applies)





C. Work Experience

Please list all prior work experience (list the most recent first)
Name of Institution or Organization Job Title Dates Reasons for resignation
Teaching Applicant’s Educational Program Experience
International Baccalaureate (IB) Number of Years
Which IB program (Check all that applies):

List DP Subject Areas
Lebanese National Program Number of Years
French Program Number of Years
American or High School Program Number of Years
Other Please List

D. Professional Development

Please explain your approach to your own professional development:
*Workshops Attended Institution Year Delivered By
*Please list only the certified workshops. A copy of the certificate is required

E. Family Information

Spouse Information
Not Applicable, I am not married.
Information Needed Spouse
Full Name
Employer Name
Academic Level
Mobile Number
e-Mail Address
Children / Guardianship
Not applicable, I do not have any dependent children or adults under my care.
Full Name Relationship to you Age Occupation / Grade Level Employer / School Name

F. Additional Applicant Information

Member of Lebanese Teaching or Labor Syndicates (List all)
The applicant has Medical Insurance
Insurance Company Name
The applicant has driver’s license
Expiration date
If hired at HIS, applicant plans to
Check all that apply

Please list your interests, hobbies, and any awards you have received

G. Medical Information

The general status of your health is

How many sick days from work have you had in the last year of employment?
Have you ever been diagnosed with any chronic disease (such as cancer, diabetes, asthma, severe allergies, heart disease, hypertension, epilepsy, HIV, kidney diseases)
If Yes, please describe your medical situation (MUST include all your medical reports with the application)
Known allergies
Have you ever experienced any kind of phobia?
Have you ever had any psychological or neurological testing?
*If Yes, you MUST include all the medical reports and related evaluation documentation with the application.
Date of most recent psycho-neurological evaluation or test?
Do you have any current medical issues that might interfere with your ability to complete your work (such as upcoming surgeries, pregnancy, temporary medical treatment)?
If yes, please explain

H. Applicant's Documents

Please include a copy of your Teaching Philosophy
Please attach a sample copy of a lesson designed by you. Inquiry-based lessons are preferred
Please attach your CV

I. Professional References

Name Relationship to Applicant Employer / Title Telephone #
* Note about Professional References:
  1. Only references in relation to your professional capacity should be included
  2. Relatives and friends should not be included as a professional reference
  3. HIS has the right to contact the current employer if he/she is not mentioned in the referees list
  4. HIS reserves the right to seek additional references from its own resources, even those not stated in the reference list.

J. Documentation and Communication

Employment decisions will be communicated through a phone call and an email only after:
  1. The applicant submits the completed Employment Application Form with all the required supporting documents to the Human Resources Office.
  2. Completed In-person interview with the applicant
  3. Vacancy is confirmed for the position requested
Required Documentation For This Employment Application Form
  1. A soft and hard copy of the applicant’s CV (soft copy should be sent by email)
  2. Official grade transcripts and certificates for all the degrees earned (starting from secondary/high school, to the highest academic degree) certified by the Ministry of Education.
  3. All medical reports/ tests of the applicant’s medical declared status
  4. Four recent passport-sized photos (taken within 6 months)
  5. One photocopy of applicant’s valid passport and/ or National ID card
  6. One photocopy of the family record (within the last 3 months)
  7. Two letters of recommendations from two different referees
  8. One photocopy of the applicant’s NSSF card
  9. Teaching Candidate: Statement of Teaching Philosophy
  10. Teaching Candidate: One (1) Lesson Plan designed by applicant
Please submit the following:
  1. CV*

  2. *إخراج قيد

    * is required