When asked to define themselves, the HR department members said:

The Human Resources (HR) Department is an essential part of any organization. The core responsibilities of the HR department in HIS are planning, recruiting, selecting, inducting, training, developing, ensuring safety, determining compensation packages and smoothing the career path of all personnel working in the school.

The HR Department in HIS invests primarily in the pedagogical team who are in direct charge of the students, and considered the core of all the school’s practices and thoughts.

When asked about the HR department, faculty members said:

It empowers teachers and staff by maintaining a level of clarity and transparency pertaining to the details of employment. By acting as a bridge between the leadership and the pedagogical teams, the department creates a sense of structure and order that inspires stability and security. In the spirit of Takwa and a job well done, the department fosters respect and responsibility amongst staff, and infuses it with continuous appreciation to all the great efforts exerted. It is the glue that binds the different elements of the school together with trust, caring and tough love.