Admission to HIS

HIS serves the educational needs of the local and international community in Beirut and its suburbs.

Admission is open to all students who are willing to benefit from a challenging, international bilingual education which prepares them for the real life. HIS admits students whose academic, personal, social, and emotional needs can be met by the school’s programs and services.

The Admissions Committee is guided by a policy that selects potential candidates depending on available vacancies in each class/section. Admission to the school is decided by the Committee, the Programme Coordinator, and the Principal of the school to which the candidate is applying: Primary Years School Principal, Middle Years School Principal, or Secondary School Principal.

Age Guidelines:

Early Years Classes:

Early Years I- age 3 by December 31

Early Years II- age 4 by December 31

Early Years III- age 5 by December 31

Primary Years Classes:

Grade 1- age 6 by December 31

Grade 2- age 7 by December 31

Grade 3- age 8 by December 31

Grade 4- age 9 by December 31

Grade 5- age 10 by December 31

Admission Requirements and Documents Needed

Prior to scheduling an appointment for the Student Interview, the parent/guardian should submit a signed and completed New Student Application Form supported by the following:

  1. Completed Health Form with a copy a photocopy of the Lebanese Ministry’s Health record or vaccination card. The Health form must be picked from the Admission office.
  2. Official transcripts and/or report cards of the last two (2) school years certified by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education attesting that the child has completed successfully the previous grade level(s).
  3. The student is officially registered after submitting the Recommendation Form (to be picked from the Admission Office) signed by the previous school staff and administration.
  4. One dozen of recent passport-sized photos (taken within 6 months), name on backside.
  5. One photocopy of student’s valid passport and/or National ID card.
  6. One photocopy of the family record (within the last 3 months).
  7. Birth Certificate for Early Years (I, II, & III).
  8. Early Years (I, II, & III) must be toilet trained (no diapers allowed), drink from regular bottles and cups, and never show up with pacifiers in mouth.
  9. A copy of the court decree detailing the terms of legal guardianship in cases of parental divorce or if the applicant lives with a guardian.
  10. A non-refundable application processing fees of $50.


The admission decision is communicated through an email only after:

  1. The parent/guardian submits the completed New Student Application Form with all the supporting documents mentioned above.
  2. Completed in-person student interview with both the parent/guardian and the student applicant.
  3. Vacancy is confirmed for the grade level requested. The applicant will be added to the Waiting List if no vacancy is available.
  4. HIS reserves the right to contact any person/institution to verify the authenticity of information provided or documents received, whether mentioned in this application or in any other HIS formal documents.