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Welcome to Al- Hayat International School (HIS), a private co-educational school, situated in Aramoun area, a serene hilltop location with scenic surroundings to the south of Beirut, Lebanon. HIS is growth-minded and continuously seeks improvement.

Inspired by its name Al-Hayat (meaning Life), HIS offers an active, lively, academically challenging, socially engaging, and culturally rich, relevant and significant concept-based curriculum. In its second year, specifically during February 2016, HIS was recognized as an IB-PYP candidate school. On March 2018, HIS become an IB-PYP authorized school. One year later, on February 2019, HIS became an IB-MYP candidate school. The team is dedicated and working hard to meet the requirements for MYP authorization during 2020. Incremental planning and collaboration set the tone. We are involved in initiatives that extend and advance our curriculum, while often leading the way through coaching and innovation.

At HIS, students are very much at the center of our educational program. Nurturing students to reach their potential is our fundamental purpose. We fully understand that taking risks and being supported along the way leads to meeting one’s potential. Furthermore, HIS believes strongly in guiding students to develop strength of character and to experience motivational learning which provide impetus for action, creativity, and service. We strive to develop students who are principled and balanced and who appreciate rigor and learning by taking action.  This draws the path to collaborative and authentic curricular engagements which better prepares our students to join the world outside of our school as well as transfer their acquired skills to engage in and deal with real life situations confidently and comfortably.

HIS emphasizes the importance of education being a collaborative exercise involving the student, the teachers, and the family. The faculty, staff, and parents are constantly working to keep our curriculum and program offerings dynamic, and in line with changing world demands in order to prepare our students for a successful future of work and service. We welcome wider community involvement in the school and encourage continued communication.

When it comes to the movers and shakers, each and every member of our pedagogical and administrative staff provides opportunities for our students to be fully engaged in their learning journeys, and are supported in doing so from the leadership team. We acknowledge that we must collaborate to ensure achievement, personal development, and collective development as well. HIS pedagogical team is engaged in a wide variety of learning opportunities to develop their skills and fully engage in the progressive nature of HIS curricular program. We are fortunate to be surrounded by supportive community members who lead us to become better able to realize our success together and to learn from one another’s passions. HIS prizes the diversity of its talents and world views and strives to create a culture where everyone can flourish.

On this website, you will find a glimpse of HIS. Communication is one key to a successful learning environment; please take some time to explore the many facets of our school on this website. The doors of our offices are always open to our school community. For your inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your visiting our website and we hope to meet you at our school!


HIS Board of Directors

HIS Board of Directors