Al-Hayat International School, the name in itself reflects the vision of an enormous initiative. A place to deliver a LIFE changing experience, not just locally but on a larger scale. It is foreseen to have an international educational impact. Based on the International Baccalaureate, which is an advanced educational standard enriched with the best of values to ever exist, the outcome is a generation in possession of high educational levels, and minds retaining  profound and solid beliefs that are endowed with respect, honesty, and faith.

The reformation of any culture or society starts with the younger generations.

This is the mission of HIS: produce seeds that will grow to become trees of knowledge which will generate other seeds until this becomes what can be called “the Forest of Life“. It shall be a forest that holds the earth by the roots, absorbing the carbon dioxide that is toxic ignorance only to conquer and mold it into the revitalizing oxygen that is knowledge and faith.

The Board of Trustees members are the guardians and gardeners of this forest.