It all started during my undergraduate studies when I decided to switch from Nutrition major to Elementary Education. I was second-guessed by a lot of people from my family and friends about this decision, but I knew that this was the best career path if I was planning to influence future generations. I struggled a lot to surpass all the challenges that I had faced during my 3 years at university. One remarkable milestone during my study period was joining the Early Childhood Center at the Lebanese American University. Before this experience, I never realized that I had a passion to nurture younger generations of children, so this was the first step in my career in Early Childhood Education.

A couple of months before graduation, I started applying to work at several schools as an Elementary English Teacher. I had my hopes up for one particular school, even though it was just at the beginning of its establishment, but I knew it was on the rise. It gained a lot of hype being the first Islamic school to adopt the IB program in the Middle East. Al-Hayat International School (HIS) was at the top of my career aspirations. Fortunately, I was called for an interview and after completing it, my admiration for the school grew even bigger.

I was glad to join the HIS family as an Early Years English Homeroom Teacher. The first couple of years were very exciting because I had to exercise a method of education which I was not familiar with as a student. The IB education program helped me establish a new way of thinking and opened up the horizon for innovative education techniques. Every day is a new experience and challenge at HIS, so I came to realize that I was more than just a teacher; I was a multi-front educator capable of applying various strategies to trigger the minds of my students. I also came to value the true meaning of a non-stop learner.

Aside from the career path, HIS was along my side through many important life events (e.g. marriage, maternity, passing away of close relatives, etc.). The amount of emotional and physical support provided by HIS cannot be surpassed by any other educational institution. Each and every member of HIS has taught me an essential characteristic that helped me become the person I am today.

I wish HIS all the success and prosperity in its journey of education, and I am blessed to be part of its story.


Aya Samir Zaghloul

I am a graduate of the Lebanese American University with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. I am currently working as an English Homeroom Teacher for Early Years Two at Al-Hayat International School.