I would like to share with you my journey during this COVID-19 quarantine time. I personally have been facing my own struggles with balancing between being active, productive, and eating healthy. I am more of an outdoor person and tend to get my physical activity outside the house as well as most of my meals. Since the home isolation started, I was faced with a new reality, a reality that included staying home for a lot longer than usual. At the beginning I was a bit resistant, and I found myself sleeping longer, snacking more, and spending long hours on my computer and phone.

It didn’t take long for my body to feel tired, lazy, and sometimes lonely. As my role in the HIS family is in the area of physical activity, I felt the responsibility to entertain a different reality. So I started doing my research, reading about what others are doing at home and researching for alternatives to working out outdoors. I thought I would share with you what I found out and what my routine has been looking like lately.

Science has proven that physical activity can significantly increase the release of our happy hormones. Any form of physical activity can fulfill that job. Below are some tips that students, teachers, and even parents can adopt to make sure we are getting 30 minutes of physical activity per day:

● Take short breaks throughout the day – walk around the house, include some stretching to relieve the stress that screen time has on your body.

● Engage your family, siblings and even friends – You can encourage a group zoom call challenge for physical activity. Keep track of the type of workouts you do and the ones you like the most.

● Set alarms to get up, stretch, drink water, and have a fruit/vegetable snack every couple of hours.

● Use household items as fitness tools – get creative with the tools you find around you (bottle of water, pencil case, books). Also, assist family members with house chores.

● Increase intake of fruits and vegetables, as well as water – to maintain an overall healthy body and immunity.

● Experiment with cooking – attempt cooking a new dish, or learn how to cook your favorite dish.

This has been a challenging time for all of us; teachers, parents, and students. However, it is in these tough times that creativity grows through teamwork and support. Please feel free to reach out to me for any suggestions, or if you would like to share your quarantine experience with me.

I hope I get to see you all very soon.

Stay Active,

Stay Safe,

Stay Home,

Sara Allawi

Physical Education Teacher at Al-Hayat International School

Bachelor of Art in Interior Design – Lebanese International University

Teaching Diploma – Faculty of Education – Lebanese International University