Dont Silence That Voice

As unique individuals, we are all born with certain abilities, and we tend to develop interests and passions towards diverse topics throughout our years of life. Some people tend to develop their passions while others burry them and continue to live a mundane life. Many people stop living after a certain age and drown in “everyday” details that lead them to forget themselves.

There was always a voice inside of me, that of a child’s, that pushed me towards my passions and encouraged me to pursue my dreams. For some time after I graduated, that voice was silenced. I was driven by the wave everybody else was riding. This is when I stopped and decided that it’s time for change. That change brought me to Al-Hayat International School. Words or few lines are insufficient to describe my five-year journey. Remember the passions I told you about? It’s true that I’m an educator, and I’m fond of my career; however, who said that educators don’t have other passions? Who said that you can’t chase other dreams while holding on to that original one at the same time?

Throughout my days, months, and years at HIS, I managed to become… a public speaker, a media analyst, an event organizer, a fund-raiser, an image consultant, a workshop leader, a copy writer, a coordinator, a graphic designer, a website developer, a story writer, an editor in the school’s magazine, a Facebook admin, and way more…

The right place and space open doors for you to unleash your passions and dreams. HIS was that place for me. I never realized that I was capable of doing/being all that until I met people who truly believed in me and gave me the space I needed to explore my dreams and passions.

Not only that, it’s not my passions alone that found the light… my lifestyle and personality were also shaped throughout my years at HIS.

When working in an institution that is truly “internationally- minded,” your horizons become widened. I was never limited by the borders of my country. I managed to meet people from other countries and of diverse nationalities in Lebanon and abroad. I contacted others through different forums and collaborated with them on multiple projects. From the latter experience, I managed to change the way I perceive events and people around me; my perspective towards things has changed.

How did HIS impact my lifestyle?

As an IB, International Baccalaureate School, we always foster Learner Profile attributes in our students. However, to our surprise, we find out that we have developed many traits along the way. I have taken risks in my personal life which led to positive change. I have become a better communicator. My daily reflection routines have led me to sharpen my thinking skills. My inquiries stopped roaming in my head only and instead took a step forward to become pieces of knowledge that I now own… and I’m always on the quest of becoming a balanced well-rounded individual. I have become a practitioner researcher in all aspects of my life. I inquire, I read, I read further, I find answers, I make conclusions, and then I take action! And this cycle goes on and on.

My years at Al-Hayat International School have managed to make me a better version of myself and left me with eagerness to unfold the treasures of life that are yet to come. Life is an adventure ride; don’t take the backseat! And as Oprah Winfery once said: You will find true success and happiness if you have only one goal: to fulfill the highest most truthful expression of yourself as a human being.”

Dana Itani
PYP Coordinator