Who can save the grace better than the GRace Savers! Glimpse of HIS PYP Exhibition.

Fifth graders celebrated their learning journey on Friday, May 18th. Their exhibition communicated a strong message to make the world a better place. The students’ brilliant initiative was feeding the needy people all year long by placing a fridge in the mosque where all the school’s community donates food. They also created a “Foodcycler” machine that turns the expired food into compost/fertilizer for the school’s gardens.  Not only that, they created an application called: “Grace Savers” which notifies its users of the quantity of food placed in the fridge. They used different types of media to shed light on their idea and to advertise for it.  While celebrating their success on Friday, they encouraged the audience to complete that journey with them and to contribute to this initiative by continuously donating food for the needy people.